Dr Zoe Feigen


Dr Zoe decided to become a vet at the age of seven when their first rabbit Miffy became ill, declaring that they would ‘fix all the bunnies’.  After studying at the University of Sydney they moved down to Melbourne and spent many years working exclusively with rabbits and guinea pigs, before broadening into wider exotics work.  Zoe’s one true passion is rabbits, and they honestly believe that the lapine caecum is the best organ ever.  Beyond all things lagomorph, they are enthusiastic about sharing information on exotics medicine with general practice veterinarians who see less of these species, as well as working to make the veterinary industry, in general, more accessible to people of marginalised communities (particularly the queer community, of which they are an enthusiastic member).

Hobbies and Interest

Outside of work Zoe spends their time thinking about rabbits, drawing, playing video games, getting emotional about cartoons, reading religious texts for fun, and encouraging their houseplants to grow up big and strong.

Owned Pets

Zoe shares their life with Cake (a chaos demon in the form of a mini rex), Badger (a small round dutch bun and certified Good Boy) and Trevor (a not-very-bright cerebellar hypoplasia cat who is doing his best).