Cardiac Disease

Cardiac disease can be congenital – meaning your pet was born with the condition, or acquired – meaning they developed the condition later in life.


Desexing Exotic Mammals

Exotic animals have traditionally had a poor reputation for anaesthetic survival, and this mind set has persisted into modern veterinary medicine.


Ferret Care Sheet

New ferret owners can often find it very daunting to understand what foods to feed and what veterinary care is required. This care sheet is designed to make this task less daunting.


Ferret Feeding

Ferrets are obligate carnivores (meat eaters). However what we generally consider “meat” is only the muscle of an animal and only makes up part of a ferrets natural diet.


How to Nurse your Ferret at Home

Staying as calm as you can is one of the best ways to ensure a speedy recovery for your ferret.


We need desexing too

It is commonplace to have your cat or dog sterilised to prevent a number of disease conditions but it is often overlooked as to how important this also is for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats and mice.


Pedicures for Exotic Pets Nail Trimming

Just like dogs and cats, unusual pets also need to have their nails maintained.


Recommended Vet Care for Exotics

Traditional pet owners (ie those that have dogs and cats) generally have a fairly good idea about what
routine veterinary care their pet needs as both dogs and cats have been kept for many generations.


Sterilisation Desexing in Exotic Pets

Sterilisation is the term commonly used for when pets have surgery to remove part of
their reproductive tract making them unable to breed.


Ferret Foreign Bodies

Ferrets make wonderful pets, they are full of life and each have their own unique personality. One thing that is common to almost all ferrets is there inquisitive and playful nature.