Ferrets, like other companion animals, benefit greatly from a dental care routine. We recommend basic tooth brushing as often as possible, ideally daily as part of your healthcare routine. This will help to remove bacteria that can lead to plaque building up and periodontal disease. A finger toothbrush, or a gauze swab can be used along with some flavored pet toothpaste. Chicken flavors are usually preferred. If you have never brushed your ferret’s teeth, you may need to gradually get them used to having their mouth manipulated. Start by gently massaging the ferrets cheeks and mouth with your finger. Over the course of several days, work up to rubbing the teeth and gums with your finger. When your ferret seems to tolerate this well, you can let him taste the toothpaste and begin to introduce him to the toothbrush. You will probably want to scruff your ferret or have someone else hold them. Remember to be patient — this is a new experience for your ferret! If the ferrets teeth already have a heavy buildup of plaque or the gums are inflamed it is best to have the ferret checked by a vet as they may benefit from a dental scale and polish before any preventative teeth brushing is started