Animal Attendant Mackenzie

Mackenzie is passionately pursuing his dream of becoming a veterinarian. Currently, she is in her first year of studying Veterinary Technology at UQ and thoroughly enjoying every aspect of the program. She plans to transfer to a Bachelor of Veterinary Science program at the end of the year to further pursue her dream, with a particular focus on exotic animals.

Hobbies and Interests

In Mackenzie’s free time, she enjoys spending quality moments with her friends. Whether it’s attending DJ performances, going on 4×4 adventures, or camping trips during breaks, she values the camaraderie and shared experiences. She also finds joy in engaging in activities like mini golf or bowling with friends or her partner, despite her admitted lack of skill in these endeavours.

Owned Pets

At home, Mackenzie shares her life with two beloved pet birds. Frosty, a 12-year-old white and purple budgie, who exudes the demeanour of a grumpy old man, while Chilli, an 8-year-old cockatiel, delights in meeting new people and serenading them.