• James Dr James Haberfield

    Meet Dr James Haberfield

    BSc, BVMS, PGCBM MANZCVS (Unusual Pets), MANZCVS (Avian Health)

    Dr James is the founder of the Unusual Pet Vets and is one of only a handful of vets in Australia to have passed his exams and gained Membership level accreditation with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of the Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets as well as Avian Health. He really loves working with all of the species and genuinely enjoys the challenge and variation of managing patients unique needs.

    Dr James has also been involved in a range of fieldwork activities from micro-chipping Western Spiny-tailed skinks to filming with King Cobras in India. He has authored numerous scientific papers and contributed to a range of books. James has also presented at a number of veterinary conferences and has made a range of appearances on TV and radio. Together with his dad Chris he maintains a large collection of reptiles including a number of different dragons, monitors as well as some pythons and tree snakes.

    In addition, to his reptile pets, Dr James has two Border Collied called Truffle and Willow, two rescue cats called Moppet and Mittens as well as four chickens that are collectively known as ‘the ladies’

    Outside of work, James really loves getting in the ocean so on his days off you’ll generally find him surfing or kitesurfing. Beyond that, James loves spending time at home with his wife, family and pets.


    Bachelor of Science – BSc

    Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery – BVMS

    Post Graduate Certificate in Business Management – PGCBM

    Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of the Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets – MANZCVS (Unusual Pets)

    Member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of Avian Health (Caged and Aviary Birds) – MANZCVS (Avian Health)


  • Sam l Dr. Sam Loughridge
    Dr San

    Meet Dr Sam Loughridge BSc BVMS

    Dr Sam was born and raised in WA. He grew up with pet birds which developed into a passion for native Australian wildlife. Sam Volunteered at a wildlife shelter before and during University, working closely with the Red-tailed black cockatoos.

    During his time at University, he knew he wanted to work with birds but never anticipated working exclusively with exotics. It was only late into his veterinary degree that Sam’s exposure of and interest in the other exotic species grew. Since getting his foot in the door as a new graduate, Dr Sam gained a tremendous amount of love and respect for the exotic species we see here in Australia.

    In 2018 Dr Sam completed a masters unit in Avian Medicine through Massey University (NZ), in which he attended 3-day practical series at the Wildbase facilities at Massey University.

    In recent years Dr Sam took on management roles at both our Balcatta and Murdoch clinic, which he says has been an exciting challenge, particularly with the relocation and opening of the new Murdoch clinic.

    Outside of work, Sam enjoys sports, camping and road-tips and cooking.

    He is the proud owner of two lovebirds, Leo and Ruffles, and two dogs called Benson and Hunni, and two cats called Seamus and Finnigan, and numerous fish.

  • Dr Kelly Giles
    Dr Kelly

    Meet Dr Kelly Giles Bsc BVMSc

    Dr Kelly graduated from Murdoch University and has a special interest in birds but loves all other exotic animals too!

    She has spent time working with a number of the leading exotic-animal vets from around Australia and is involved in teaching exotic medicine at the local university.

    Dr Kelly grew up surrounded by animals but it was her Sun Conure called Sunnie that lead her into the world of birds and eventually exotics and veterinary medicine. She had chickens growing up and was always fascinated by the way birds behaved.

    Fast forward to the current day, and Dr Kelly is proud pet parent to a special turtle called Paddle, Myra a sassy queen cat and a range of fish including koi, discus, rainbowfish, loaches and catfish. Dr Kelly says, “the weirder the animal the better!”

    Outside of work, Dr Kelly can be found expressing her creative side through drawing, painting and anime. She loves to read and enjoys nature with bushwalks.

  • Katrina Dr. Katrina Wood

    Dr Katrina (Kat) graduated from Murdoch University. After spending several years in small animal practice, she is currently undertaking a residency in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine at Perth Zoo and Murdoch University. She has always been passionate about exotic animals and is particularly interested in guinea pigs and reptiles. As part of her residency she is undertaking a research project on snake virology. When she isn’t working, Kat enjoys spending time with her very spoilt guinea pig Bel, and being an amateur ballet dancer. Katrina enjoys meeting exotic pet owners and helping them to keep their pets happy and healthy.

  • Marianne Dr. Marianne Morkos

    Marianne is originally from New York and has trained with unusual pets all around Australia and the world! She has fallen in love with Perth and we now are proud to call her part of our team!

  • Luke b Dr. Luke Bradley

    Luke is a vet who graduated from Melbourne University. He moved to Perth to follow his dream of working with the unusual species that we see. Luke grew up with a large menagerie of birds and reptiles which inspired him to become the vet he is today. Luke has spent a great deal of time at exotics clinics both in Australia and overseas so brings a great deal of knowledge to our team. He has a special interest in birds and reptiles however is exited to see all the patients that we treat. When Luke is not working he can be found spending time with his cockatiel (weiro) Casper.

  • Vet Nurse Charlotte

    Meet Charlotte, Veterinary Nurs

    Charlotte has worked as a veterinary nurse for ten years and has always had an interest in exotic animals. She took a few years off to travel and has been fortunate to work with elephants in Thailand, sea turtles in Greece and with a cat and dog rescue organisation in Indonesia. Charlotte is am looking to start the advanced programme in veterinary nursing of exotic species.

    Charlotte loves to travel, both overseas and exploring WA in her camper. She enjoys spending time in the water scuba diving, snorkelling or paddle boarding. In her spare time, she also likes to paint and make candles.

    Having owned dogs and bearded dragons in the past, Jasper the 12-year-old feline friend receives all the TLC being the only pet at present, and it is just the way Jasper likes it.


    Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing


  • Lucinda l Dr. Lucinda Lam

    Lucinda graduated from Murdoch University and has a great passion for unusual pets. She has spent time working with avian and small mammal specialists from Australia, Hong Kong, New York, and Cornell University; as well as gaining experience with African wildlife, laboratory and zoo animals. Lucinda lives with a cheeky and much loved rainbow lorikeet named Jelly, and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. In her leisure times, she enjoys sculpting miniature food and tending her veggie garden.

  • Jess Vet Nurse Jess

    Meet Jess, Veterinary Nurse and Nurse Manager 

    Jess has been working in the veterinary industry since 2005, she entered the industry as a kennel hand and vet nurse assistant at an exotic only clinic while completing her Certificate III in Animal Studies at TAFE.  She then went on to complete a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and became a qualified veterinary nurse in 2007.

    Jess says that she always loved exotic pets, having owned many rabbits, birds, fish, guinea pigs, mice and a naughty ferret over the years, along with cats and dogs too.  Vet nursing was the only career path she ever wanted to pursue. Jess has only ever worked with exotic pets and she wouldn’t have it any other way. She loves how unique and special all the various species are, and loves expanding her knowledge of them. Jess loves the amazing team of vets and nurses that she works with and feels very privileged to have taken of the role of nurse manager for the best group of nurses around.

    It is well known amongst family and friends that Jess a little plant obsessed, especially when it comes to cactus and succulent type plants. Outside of work, Jess also loves crafting (terracotta pot painting/decorating, scrapbooking and macramé). She and her partner Dave also spend a lot of time camping and 4WDriving and have travelled all around this amazing country and her favourite trip so far was 4-week trip to the Kimberley’s in 2019.

    Jess enjoys spending time outdoors with her two dogs, Kora an Irish Setter and Bear a Great Dane, and taking them on adventures, either bush walking or to the beach. Sometimes her canine companions get to go on the camping trips.

    In addition to Kora and Bear, Jess is also the proud pet parent to a feline friend called Pebby.


    Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate III in Animal Studies, Fraser and Girling Diploma and Advanced Programme in Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species (Avian, Herpetology, Small Mammals and Wildlife)


  • Melissa Vet Nurse Melissa

    Melissa (aka Lissy) is a registered veterinary nurse who is currently studying for an additional qualification in nursing exotic species. Lissy loves all exotic animals, but has a particular soft spot for ferrets, and has her own business of ferrets named Khoshekh, Katya, and Kitbus. Lissy is also Mum to Ava and Zelda the miniature dachshunds, and Kewpie the sphynx.

  • Iiina Vet Nurse Liina

    Liina has a genuine passion for all sorts of unusual pets and is so glad to be able to work with them. Before becoming a vet nurse, she completed animal studies at Taronga Zoo, a number of short reptile courses and was involved with bird banding in NSW.

    Liina has a special soft spot for guinea pigs, sharing her home life with two of them; Mowgli and Muumi and a Doberman named Jimmy.

  • Alysia Vet Nurse Alysia

    Alysia has always had a passion for exotic animals, especially all things creepy crawly and scaly. She is currently owned by several pythons, lizards and frogs as well as a grumpy old dog and an ever demanding cat.

  • Bekki Vet Nurse Bekki

    Bekki started working at our Balcatta clinic in September 2017 and is ecstatic to be a part of the Unusual Pet Vets team. Bekki has always had a passion for working with exotic animals but has a special soft spot for rabbits. At home Bekki has 2 rabbits, Popcorn and Pippa, as well an Alaskan Malamute named Myah and a bitza called Fred that keep her busy!

  • nurse-jen-upv-balcatta Vet Nurse Jen

    Meet Veterinary Nurse Jen

    After a career change in my mid-twenties, I studied my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing at AVT. Just before I qualified, I was lucky enough to get a position as a Kennel hand at The Unusual Pet Vets and transitioned into a veterinary nurse once qualified. I then went straight into my Advanced Programme in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species (Avian, Herpetology, Mammal and Wildlife) and Diploma of Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species through City and Guilds. In 2021 I am looking at studying my Diploma in Herpetology.  

    I have a keen interest for indoor plants and dehydrating yummy treats for my bunnies and birds, which is how I spend some of my time when im not at work.

    My home is full of pets! I have two amazing, house-trained bunnies called Molly and Daisy; one lovely Labrador called Winston. I recently acquired three cockatiels named Willow, Pippin and Sparky plus I have numerous hand reared baby bunnies!


    Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Advanced Programme in Veterinary Nursing of Exotic Species (Avian, Herpetology, Mammal and Wildlife), Diploma of Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species 


  • Sita Vet Nurse Sita

    Sita is a registered veterinary nurse with a background in wildlife rehabilitation. She has always been passionate about exotics and while she loves all the species we see she does admit that she has a special love for reptiles, amphibians and ferrets. Sita has a cheeky Corgi x Cavalier named Austin Powers and a sweet, fluffy, black cat called Lilith.