Sue Brennan

We had reason yesterday to take our pet ferret to see James, the Unusual Pet Vet – Murdoch. Molly had not eaten for 7 days and was very, very weak and lethargic. Our local vet advised we go to The Unusual Pet Vet for further help, as our vet was not a specialist when it came to ferrets and the treatment they had given had not been successful to date.

James diagnosed Molly as possibly having an intestinal blockage and said it was obvious she was in lot of pain. After much discussion with my partner, we decided the kindest thing we could do was to have Molly put down – this was due to both cost and the fact that it was not definite what the problem was at that point in time. James was very understanding and empathetic throughout this difficult decision.

I left in tears.

This morning James rang to say he had not put Molly down yesterday, and had treated her with both fluids and pain medication over night. He was going to try to operate this morning. As he prepared her for surgery she suddenly “pooed” out a heap of poo, along with a couple of foreign objects. He tells us that at this point she turned the corner.

James rang to let us know she was on the mend and we could pick her up in the afternoon. We cannot thank James and the nursing staff enough for the care and concern they gave to our little ferret, just because they could!

We now will have to be very vigilant and ensure she does not nibble at things she is not supposed to nibble at.

Thank you once again for all of your help – we recommend the Unusual Pet Vets unreservedly – the treatment both us, as humans, and our furry friend received was exemplary.

Sue B and Lance S ( and Molly !!)