Vet Nurse Sita

Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Diploma of Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species (Advanced Programme in Veterinary Nursing of Small Mammal, Avian, Herpetology, Wildlife, and Zoo Species)

Sita always knew she wanted to work with exotic animals and started in the industry while still in high school by volunteering at wildlife shelters. During this time, she attended many training courses and gained valuable skills and experience treating many different species of furry, feathery, and scaley friends.  

In 2017 she completed the Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and worked in various cat and dog clinics before landing her dream job at UPV in 2018. In 2022 she also completed the Girling & Fraser Advanced Programme in Veterinary Nursing of Zoo and Exotic Species.

Although she loves all animals, Sita has a special interest in reptiles (especially snakes!) and ferrets.

Hobbies and Interests 

When not at work, Sita enjoys gaming, reading, travelling, and exploring nature.

Owned Pets

Sita is a proud pet parent to three fluffy felines named Lilith, Lucifer, and Gryffin. Her gorgeous Corgi x Cavalier, Austin Powers, is no longer with us but holds a special place in her heart (and bio!).

Sita doesn’t currently own exotic animals, but there will be a snake…. one day!!