Vet Nurse Morgan

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing APVN in Wildlife and Zoo Species

Morgan started her nursing career in 2009 as a trainee veterinary nurse in a general practice. Once she solidified herself as a GP nurse, she broadened her skill set and worked as a specialist nurse at the University of Queensland teaching hospital and also worked for the RSPCA as a rescue officer and Inspector. In this role, Morgan was exposed to animal welfare and wildlife rescue, this growing her passion to work with some of Australia’s most unique and diverse species.

Morgan also worked abroad in London as an RVN where she got to work with new exotic species including hedgehogs and chinchillas! Most recently, she followed my passion for exotic species and worked at a zoo in New Zealand where she was lucky enough to work with species including giraffes, a large variety of primates, capybara, iguana, and many more! At this time,  Morgan decided to move back home to Brisbane to pursue her passion for exotic species and she considers herself to be extremely lucky to have landed a job at UPV Jindalee!

Hobbies and Interests

Morgan likes to explore new restaurants and she also enjoys roller skating. 

Owned Pets

Morgan currently has two feline friends, some sea monkeys but would very much like to welcome a feathered friend into her family unit.