EllenVet Nurse Ellen

BBiomedSc (Hons)

I am a current veterinary student at the University of Melbourne. I have a special interest in rabbits and guinea pigs, but love all exotic pets!

I have a unique career background, having worked previously as a genetic counsellor at a familial cancer clinic, and before that, I formulated allergen vaccines for dogs and cats. It was more recently that I decided to pursue my passion for veterinary medicine.

I grew up in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, and have owned exotic pets throughout my life, including rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and mice.  I have a strong belief in animal adoption, and most of my pets are rescues.

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of work, I love skiing, reading, and caring for an assortment of indoor pot plants.

Owned Pet

I share my home with many pets. I have three guinea pigs, called Iggie, Willow, and Poppy. Iggie, who is now about 6, was a celebrity in her younger years when she starred in a popular calendar. I have two rabbits, Potato and Hava.  When I adopted Potato, he only had three legs, but he gets along well. I also grew up with a cockatiel, who is now 16 years of age.