Meet Veterinary Nurse Claire


Claire is a registered veterinary nurse, and her commitment to the profession has become integral to her DNA. She completed work experience in a vet clinic in 2003 and never left! Following her genuine passion for veterinary care, Claire immediately secured a full-time position at the clinic after completing her schooling.

In 2007, Claire completed a traineeship in veterinary nursing, honing her skills and expertise in various specialised areas, including general practice, teaching, and the demanding realm of emergency care. She even spent a short time at a pet cremation company.

Hobbies and Interests

In her spare time, Clare enjoys art, reading and afternoon naps.

Owned Pets

Claire shares her home with an eclectic and endearing family of two dogs, four cats, two weiros, a woma python, a majestic horse, a pair of delightful emus, and a cheerful flock of chickens.