Nurse Manager Sharn

Vet Nurse/ Nurse Manager Sharn

Cert IV Veterinary Nursing 

Sharn is a senior nurse at Melbourne Rabbit Clinic, with her Certificate IV in veterinary nursing and over ten years of nursing experience under her belt. Sharn has been part of the Melbourne Rabbit Clinic family since 2009.

Sharn has always had pet rabbits and guinea pigs. She used to be involved in responsible breeding of pedigree rabbits and guinea pigs, showing and participating in pet expos. She has done a lot of her own research on these special species through reading books, websites, chatting to reputable people, and always thinking critically for herself. Sharn has a lot of compassion for owners and a special interest in the extensive (but sometimes hard to find) range of toys and grooming products for rabbits and guinea pigs. She always has an eye out for new merchandise and also has an interest in marketing.

 Sharn runs her own boarding facility in her home in Frankston and makes her own healthy treats for bunnies and piggies.

Hobbies and Interests

In her spare time, Sharn is busy with her other business Cozy Bunny Boarding. She also has an interest in pocket pet nutrition and enrichment and has developed her very own healthy rabbit and guinea pig treat line which can be seen here -www.cozybunnyboutique.com 

Sharn also loves spending time with her beautiful little boy Rhys and getting up to many adventures. She also has a love for cars and enjoys cruising in them.

Owned Pets

Sharn is a proud pet parent to a few cheeky pets including, Diesel (Chihuahua x), Rex (DSH cat), and the Mop Crew of Six long haired Guinea pigs all breeds and ages Rocko the Rockstar, Frida the grump, Tiffany the bimbo, Abigail our sass queen, Bree Bree Sonic and little Phoebe.