Keanu - Kennel HandVet Nurse Keanu

Certificate III in Animal Studies, Commencing Certificate IV in Veterinary

Keanu’s passion for exotic pets started when he was young. His parents kept canaries, and he fondly remembers sitting outside for hours watching them in the front aviary. Keanu’s love of exotic animals evolved at this time, and he owned rabbits, birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians and even arachnids.

Having this keen interest in exotic pet species, Keanu knew he wanted to work with them and went on to complete a certificate in Animal studies, currently completing my certificate IV in VN.

Hobbies and Interests

Keanu describes himself as a bird nerd, keeping and breeding various species of Australian parrots. He has successfully kept and bred cockatiels, kakarikis, rosellas, lorikeets, hooded parrots, red rumps, princess parrots, bourkes, scarlet chesteds, elegants and tourquoisines.

Hand-rearing neonatal birds has also become an inevitable skill he has picked up as an aviculturist which he thoroughly enjoys. Keanu is always happy to discuss and answer any breeding/hand-rearing and husbandry-related questions.

Keanu’s animals keep him pretty busy; however, when he has a spare moment, he enjoys watching anime and kdrama series. Keanu is passionate about tropical house plants and owns a collection of rare aroids.

Owned Pets

Currently, Keanu’s home is occupied by two cats, four galahs, five pekin bantam hens, a bearded dragon, a rabbit, a frog, a few fish and a communal aviary with various Australian parrot species.