• Katrina jindalee Vet Nurse Sarah

    Sarah is a veterinary nurse and has been working in the veterinary industry for around 11 years. She began her journey in the veterinary world at just 14 years old working in general practice. Sarah then went to university and studied agriculture and a Bachelor of veterinary technology through the University of Queensland, followed by a bachelor of marine science and management. Sarah has a large passion for exotic species particularly marine-based and conservation. Sarah has a wealth of experience working in the emergency animal industry, General Practice animal industry, agriculture animal industries and animal retail industries, and is thrilled to be working within the exotic animal industry.

    Sarah is a pet parent to a budgie called Meeko, a beta fish called Frankie, a Burmese cat called Pavlova and a Blue Healer/Collie called Jaz. Outside of you work you can find Sarah participating in aerial sports and scuba diving.

  • Lana m Vet Nurse Lana

    Veterinary nurse Lana, wanted to work with animals since she was a little girl and grew up with a menagerie of pets. She started vet nursing in 2011 and instantly knew this was exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Lana loves caring for all animals, learning new things and using her knowledge to help educate pet owners on how to best care for their pet. Lana dedicates her time to guinea pig rescue organisations and currently has 30 rescue guinea pigs in her care. 

    In addition to the 30 guinea pigs, Lana is also a proud pet parent to four feline friends and a naughty Alexandrine parrot.

    Outside of work, Lana plays roller derby and competes locally and regionally for her leagues B grade home team and C grade travel team. In addition to this, Lana enjoys cross-stitching and baking.

  • Jayde c Vet Nurse Jayde

    Veterinary Nurse Jayde began nursing in 2013 and worked in a small animal general practice for 12 months before transferring to Australia Zoo where she was the senior nurse for 5 years. Jayde joined the Unusual Pet Vets team in September 2019. She has extensive experience in critical and emergency care of exotic animals and wildlife and is very passionate about flora and fauna conservation.

    Jayde is a pet parent to a small collection of unusual animals including two miniature dachshunds, two rats, one lovebird, one blue tongue lizard and a jungle python.

    Outside of work, Jayde enjoys hiking and kayaking whilst fauna spotting. She and her husband assist local rescue organisations with wildlife rescues & rehabilitation for the South-East QLD region.

  • Liz j Dr Elizabeth Jiang

    Dr Liz graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2013 and holds a membership in Avian Health, Medicine and Surgery for Unusual Pets. She has lived in Auckland working with exotic animals, cats and dogs. Liz has a lot of experience and passion for treating and working with birds. The opportunity to move to Australia and join the Unusual Pet Vets family has been an exciting and amazing experience. She has also worked and trained under the European Vets since 2014.

    Having relocated to Australia only recently, Liz is a pet parent to a feline friend and is looking to adopt a snake that is need of a good home. 

    Outside of work, Liz loves to rock climb, hike and take ceroc dance classes. She also can’t wait to do some diving in Australia.

  • Josh l Dr Joshua Llinas

    Dr Josh moved to Australia from New York in 1999 after completing a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. Here, he completed his Veterinary Science degree with honours at the University of Queensland and a Masters of Clinical Medicine and Surgery through Murdoch University. Throughout his career, there has been a focus on reptile and amphibian medicine. This passion stemmed from years of herping, working with and keeping many these unique animals (including green iguanas, basilisks, anoles, leopard geckos, king snakes, rat snakes, pythons, turtles, tree frogs and yes, cane toads. This resulted in an understanding of joys, the pitfalls of working with herps and a plan to eventually work exclusively with these animals.

    Dr Josh says “It has been a dream of mine to run a veterinary practice that offers the highest quality medicine and surgery with a focus on the specific requirements needed for reptiles and amphibians. Over the years, I have received strong support from my family, friends, colleagues and clients to make this possible. This is an area where we are continuously growing and improving based on the latest research, continued education and communication with experts in the field.”

    Josh is a proud pet parent to a green tree python called Virgil, a rough scale python called Deloris, a three-legged turtle called Mr T and two cheeky cats called Diego and Bumble.

    Outside of work, Josh enjoys rock climbing, kayaking and herping.


    Dr Josh Llinas

    BVSc (Hons), MVS (Clinical Medicine and Surgery), BSc (Hons)


    iHerp Magazine |Scales and Tails Magazine


  • Dr Catherine Apuli

    Meet Dr Catherine Apuli BVSc (Hons)

    Dr Catherine has been an animal lover since she was young and has kept many types of pets over her life. She has always loved animals, however, her special interest is in birds and avian medicine.  She has kept, bred and hand-raised many different types of birds, mainly Australian parrots and some finches. Catherine is passionate about client education and enjoys encouraging enrichment, captive foraging, and cage design so that she can teach others to keep birds in the best possible way.

    Since graduating from The University of Queensland, Dr Catherine has worked in an avian exclusive vet clinic as well as small animal practices. Prior to completing her veterinary degree, she also worked as a veterinary nurse for birds and exotic animals.

    Catherine is a proud pet parent to three cockatiels; Lil Sil, Lancey and Tiny Bill, Billy and Molly the Eclectus Parrots and a large, walk-in aviary with a variety of Australian native parrots.

    Outside of work, Catherine enjoys catching up with friends, music, art, and design, going to the beach and gardening.

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