• Sam l Dr. Sam Loughridge
    Dr San

    Meet Dr Sam Loughridge BSc BVMS

    Dr Sam was born and raised in WA. He grew up with pet birds which developed into a passion for native Australian wildlife. Sam Volunteered at a wildlife shelter before and during University, working closely with the Red-tailed black cockatoos.

    During his time at University, he knew he wanted to work with birds but never anticipated working exclusively with exotics. It was only late into his veterinary degree that Sam’s exposure of and interest in the other exotic species grew. Since getting his foot in the door as a new graduate, Dr Sam gained a tremendous amount of love and respect for the exotic species we see here in Australia.

    In 2018 Dr Sam completed a masters unit in Avian Medicine through Massey University (NZ), in which he attended 3-day practical series at the Wildbase facilities at Massey University.

    In recent years Dr Sam took on management roles at both our Balcatta and Murdoch clinic, which he says has been an exciting challenge, particularly with the relocation and opening of the new Murdoch clinic.

    Outside of work, Sam enjoys sports, camping and road-tips and cooking.

    He is the proud owner of two lovebirds, Leo and Ruffles, and two dogs called Benson and Hunni, and two cats called Seamus and Finnigan, and numerous fish.

  • Dr Brandon UPV Murdoch Dr Brandon Arnell

    Dr Brandon Arnell

    BSc (Veterinary Medicine), DVM (Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine)

    Dr Brandon graduated from university in 2020 and immediately commenced his career with us at UPV Murdoch. He always knew that he wanted to work with exotic animals and enjoys seeing all the unusual critters but has a soft spot for birds and a passion for promoting the industry’s best avian medicine and welfare.

    His love of birds started as a child and blossomed when he began volunteering at wildlife centres working with various Australian native species.

    Dr Brandon has been playing ice hockey since 2013 and loves the fast-paced sport. When he’s not on the ice, he can be found spending time and catching up with his close-knit family. He volunteers as much time as possible to a few wildlife groups/rescues and enjoys educating the community about wildlife conservation and rehabilitation. Travelling is something else that Dr Bradon enjoys, and he often chooses his destination around a species of bird he wants to see in the wild.

    Growing up, Dr Brandon has always been around exotic animals, including birds, reptiles, rabbits, and fish. He is currently the proud pet parent to two canine companions called Alice and Rosa, and two feline friends called Salem and Genie. There are also regular foster animals coming through the door.

  • Luke b Dr. Luke Bradley

    Luke is a vet who graduated from Melbourne University. He moved to Perth to follow his dream of working with the unusual species that we see. Luke grew up with a large menagerie of birds and reptiles which inspired him to become the vet he is today. Luke has spent a great deal of time at exotics clinics both in Australia and overseas so brings a great deal of knowledge to our team. He has a special interest in birds and reptiles however is exited to see all the patients that we treat. When Luke is not working he can be found spending time with his cockatiel (weiro) Casper.

  • Lucinda l Dr. Lucinda Lam

    Lucinda graduated from Murdoch University and has a great passion for unusual pets. She has spent time working with avian and small mammal specialists from Australia, Hong Kong, New York, and Cornell University; as well as gaining experience with African wildlife, laboratory and zoo animals. Lucinda lives with a cheeky and much loved rainbow lorikeet named Jelly, and speaks Cantonese and Mandarin. In her leisure times, she enjoys sculpting miniature food and tending her veggie garden.

  • Amanda Vet Nurse Amanda
    Amanda is the veterinary nurse manager at our Murdoch clinic. She has recently completed her City & Guilds Veterinary Nursing the Exotic species certificate earning herself some new shiny letters after her name and a wealth of knowledge too. 
    Amanda has always wanted to work with exotic animals, she has a soft spot for out reptilian patients especially our sweet little bobtail lizards – Tiliqua Rugosa. She has a number of pets including a diabetic kitty Peppar, a Muscovy duck named Pandi Duck, a Lorikeet called Sammy, Meeka the Border Collie, Lexi the Rotti x and her newest addition Towlie the Black-headed Caique Parrot – who is keeping her on her toes and helping teach her all about parrot behaviour.
  • vet-nurse-claire Vet Nurse Claire

    Meet Veterinary Nurse Claire

    I am a registered vet nurse, and being a vet nurse is not just a job it is who I am. Even as a baby and growing up I was spending all my time with animals, our own or random strays. I did work experience at a vet clinic when I was in year 10 (2003) and didn’t leave! I have been nursing ever since, and have worked in mixed practice, small animal a teaching hospital and now UPV.

    I also have Completed a wildlife carers course and have hand raised and released many wild birds.

    I spend my time outside of work exercising, bush walking and going on road trips. My family of pets includes four cats, two dogs, two weiros, one rooster, two sheep and two horses.


    Diploma of Veterinary Nursing of Zoological Species (Advanced Program in the Veterinary Nursing of Avian, Wildlife, Small Mammals and Herpetology

  • vet-nurse-jami-bourke Vet Nurse Jami

    Meet Veterinary Nurse Jami

    Jami has been a Registered Veterinary Nurse since 2014. She has always had a love for all exotics, although guinea pigs are her favourite! She also has an interest in aquatic species.

    Jami enjoys the variety of interesting cases we see at The Unusual Pet Vets and is always interested in furthering her studies.

    Outside of work Jami loves her music, she plays the drums and piano! She is a proud pet parent to several fur babies and a variety of Goldfish. Her fur family includes, five guinea pigs named Olaf, Anna, Peanut, Cashew and Sage. Two dogs. A Papillon named Askar and a 3-legged Staffy X named Jarla. And Jami also has two feline friends, Leo and Boston.


    Cert IV Veterinary Nursing, APVN of Zoo & Exotic Species


  • Sita Vet Nurse Sita

    Sita is a registered veterinary nurse with a background in wildlife rehabilitation. She has always been passionate about exotics and while she loves all the species we see she does admit that she has a special love for reptiles, amphibians and ferrets. Sita has a cheeky Corgi x Cavalier named Austin Powers and a sweet, fluffy, black cat called Lilith.