Macaw wing clip

Making the decision to clip your bird’s wings is never an easy one and there are many differing opinions on the best way to clip your bird’s wings.

Before clipping your birds wings we recommend that you think about the reasons that you are clipping them and what you are hoping to achieve. The reason for this is because once clipped it can take a long time for new feathers to come through and for your bird to be able to fly again. The other thing to consider is the type of environment that your bird lives in – you should ask yourself how your bird will manage if it can’t fly and consider if it will negatively affect your bird.

Once you have made the decision to clip your birds wings we recommend that you get someone with competency in the task to show you how to do it until you become comfortable with the procedure. The main reason for this is that we see birds whose wings have been cut too short on an all-too-regular basis by those inexperienced (and some ‘experienced’ people). If the wings are cut too short your bird will then have problems with ‘crash landings’ which can cause severe injuries, some of which need to be surgically repaired.

We offer free wing-clipping with a health check consultation or it can be performed on its own for a small fee, to book in just give us a call 🙂