There are many things that are special about keeping unusual pets, and while it is interesting and exciting, it can also be difficult to know whether your pet is healthy and being properly looked after. A good example of this is the amount of misinformation that is out there. For instance, the majority of parrot owners still feed their parrot a diet of mainly seed as this is often what they have been told by the pet shop or breeder. In fact, seed is actually a poor diet for many parrots and can be detrimental to your bird’s health in the long run.

It can also be difficult to tell if your unusual pet is sick as many animals don’t show any obvious signs until they are very sick, and by this time it may be too late to save them. This is one of the reasons why an annual health check is very important. Not only does it give us the ability to detect any underlying diseases before it becomes too serious, it also gives us the opportunity to discuss any husbandry problems or questions you may have.