Antaresia (Stimson’s, Children’s, Spotted and Pygmy Python) Care Sheet

The Antaresia genus contains a number of the most commonly kept pythons in Australia.


Aspidites (Woma and Black Headed Python) Care Sheet

The Aspidites genus contains two of the most stunning and popular pythons in Australia – the
Woma and Black Headed.


Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

Bearded dragons can make fantastic pets! They are active, inquisitive and fascinating to watch.


Bobtail and Bluetongue Care Sheet

Bobtails (also known as Shinglebacks, Sleepy lizards and Pine Cone lizards) and bluetongues are
beautiful lizards that can make fantastic pets.


Carpet Python Care Sheet

Their individual requirements come down to what subspecies you are keeping however their recommended general husbandry guidelines can be found below.


How to give your reptile a subcutaneous injection

Some treatments for reptiles require subcutaneous injections, which is a term that
means an injection under the skin.


Turtle Care Sheet

The term turtle or tortoise is often used interchangeably (as it will be in this article) as the
meaning differs depending on who you ask and where they are from.


Metabolic Bone Disease

All reptiles can potentially be affected by Metabolic Bone Disease (MBD). Turtles and lizards are
more commonly affected than snakes.


Bobtail Flu

Recent research has determined the cause of Bobtail Flu tobe a lizard-specific virus, Shingleback Nidovirus 1.


Common Tree Snake

Common tree snakes go by many names including green tree snakes, yellow-bellied black snakes, and grass snakes.


Pedicures for Exotic Pets Nail Trimming

Just like dogs and cats, unusual pets also need to have their nails maintained.


Recommended Vet Care for Exotics

As more and more exotic animals are starting to be kept as pets we thought we would cover what routine veterinary care is recommended for each of the commonly kept species as sometimes it can be a little


Reptile Thermal Burns Advanced

As reptiles are ectothermic, meaning that they depend on the environment to regulate
their body temperatures, they often require additional heat sources in their enclosures.


Thermal Burns in Reptiles Basics

Most reptiles do like it hot, but when does hot become too hot? Today’s article looks at thermal burns in reptiles and how to prevent them happening to your pet.


Tree Dtella Gecko Caresheet

Tree dtella, or variegated, geckos are relatively common geckos found throughout Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria.


UV Lighting for Reptiles

Ultraviolet (UV) lighting is often recommended for a number of reptile species however it can be
confusing to work out what type of UV lighting is needed.


Water Python Care Sheet

Water pythons are infamous for their scales which shimmer the colors of a rainbow under light.