Bonding Bunnies

The bonding process can be a stressful one for both the people and rabbits involved. Below are a few helpful tips on how to make this introduction as smooth as possible.

Giving rabbit an injection

Firstly, this is not as scary as you may think – rabbits tolerate injections under the skin very very well, generally much better than they handle oral medications!

Grumpy Bunnies

Many owners are worried as their rabbit is aggressive towards them, todays article looks at a few common causes of aggression and how to potentially deal with it.

Hand Raising Baby Rabbits

Hand raising baby rabbits can be quite tricky and demanding, taking up a lot of time. It should never be taken on lightly and there are some points that should be considered before deciding
to hand raise.

Obesity in Rabbits

Obesity is a common problem seen in pet rabbits. Much of this has to do with their lifestyle, diet and level of activity.

Rabbit Care Sheet

Rabbits make wonderful pets! They are generally friendly, inquisitive and cuddly creatures that really become part of the family.

Rabbit Enrichment Ideas

Rabbits are inquisitive, playful and intelligent animals that really benefit from mental and
physical stimulation and enrichment.

Rabbit vaccines and viruses

This has led to the research and development of vaccinations for rabbits against some of the highly fatal viruses that are present

We need desexing too!

We’ve summarised a little about some of the terms commonly used and about the benefits below to help you make an informed decision.


Desexing Exotic Mammals

Exotic animals have traditionally had a poor reputation for anaesthetic survival, and this mind set has persisted into modern veterinary medicine.


Recommended Vet Care for Exotics

As more and more exotic animals are starting to be kept as pets we thought we would cover what routine
veterinary care is recommended for each of the commonly kept species as sometimes it can be a little


Pedicures for Exotic Pets Nail Trimming

Just like dogs and cats, unusual pets also need to have their nails maintained. Today’s article looks at different
ways to do this as well as some common questions we get asked about all things nails!


Sterilisation Desexing in Exotic Pets

Sterilisation is the term commonly used for when pets have surgery to remove part of their reproductive tract making them unable to breed.