How to get your rabbit and guinea pig to eat more hay

Rabbits and some guinea pigs are notoriously stubborn, especially when it comes to their
food. Here are some tips and tricks to try and encourage them to eat more of what is good for them!

Rabbit and Guinea Pig Feeding Guide

Feeding your rabbit and guinea pig the right foods is important for healthy teeth and gastrointestinal health.

Syringe Feeding Your Rabbit or Guinea Pig

Syringe Feeding (or force feeding) your rabbit or guinea pig can be a very important part of a
medical treatment plan to help them to recover from surgery or illness.

Rabbit Pyramid

The main component of a rabbit’s diet should always be grass(fresh or died). For convenience, the wild plants of a wild rabbit’s diet are often substituted with vegetables and dry food.

Calcium Feeding Guide

CALCIUM per 100 grams – Vegetables