Product Code: 9e5283e82b65

A solid but chewable rough block of wood with an abundance of holes for your parrot to dig into. Each hole has been drilled completely through the word block adding an extra dimension when it comes to placing treats inside. The 4 smaller holes located on each side of the block are great for hiding pellets, seeds or paper, while the 3 large central holes can fit substantially larger treats such as giant carrot sticks or toy parts. Each elongated hole allows you the choice of either wedging the treat deep inside to encourage harder foraging practices or you can simply place the treat close to the edge for easier removal and instant gratification.

The extra bonus with this toy is the ability to apply ‘second step foraging’. As demonstrated in the picture below, treats can be wrapped in varying materials such as paper, pasta or leaves before being inserted into each cavity. You feathered friend will have to remove the treat of choice only to find they have to actively remove the treat from within the treat.

All parrots will love digging in to get these treats and gradually destroying the block will provide hours of beaky entertainment.

This toy hangs from a length of stainless steel chain that can be unscrewed from the toy.

Cleaning Note: A bottle brush (small bottle brushs can usually be found in the baby section at supermarkets) is ideal for the holes if scrubbing is required but otherwise use hot (or even boiling) water for a thorough and quick clean. Animal grade disinfectant can be sprayed on afterwards. Drying immediately on a rack in direct sun is the best way to minimise the risk of mould growth.

Dimensions: Toy – approximately 15 x 9 x 4.5cm. Smaller holes measure 12mm in diameter, large holes 22mm in diameter. Chain = An additional 14cm length

Bird Size: Medium – Large