Product Code: 4095780a71d8

A durable wooden parrot toy for big chewers!

Introducing the Crazy Block! This monster chunk of wood is untreated hard eucalyptus and able to withstand the voracious beaks with a little more verve than your standard pine. With added crazy cuts and circles to give your parrot the nooks and crannies they so desire for leverage when wrenching their favourite chewing material. And the cuts go deep so that the spots to dig their beaks into remain till the end of the toy.
Please note that any dark gray patches on the wood is natural to this species of eucalyptus and not dangerous to your parrot.

This toy hangs from a length of stainless steel chain that can be unscrewed from the toy.

Dimensions: Toy bulk = approximately 15cm tall, 9cm wide and 7cm deep. Chain = 14cm

Bird Size: Medium, Large