Oxbow Animal Health is an internationally-recognized brand committed to serving the needs of small exotic animals by providing superior nutrition.

One of our favourite and most used product of theirs here at The Unusual Pet Vets, is their Critical Care Powdered Supplement Feed.

Critical Care is a premium recovery food which can be given to herbivores such as rabbits and guinea pigs that are unwilling to eat their normal diet due to illness or surgery. This specially-formulated product contains all the essential nutrients of a complete diet as well
as high-fibre timothy hay to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion.

Critical Care is our go-to product for any rabbit or guinea pig that is not eating, and we recommend it to all our clients for their pets at home first aid kits.

It is available in a few flavours—apple and banana, aniseed and a fine grind formula and is stocked at both our clinics for purchase.

Pop in and grab some today!