Dr. James Haberfield

James is one of only a few vets in Australia to have passed his exams to gain a Membership to the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in the field of the Medicine and Surgery of Unusual Pets as well as Avian Health. There is only one other vet in Australia with these qualifications.

His main veterinary interests include reptile, amphibian, bird, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig and other rodent medicine and surgery. He is also involved in a range of field work activities from micro-chipping Western Spiny tailed skinks to filming King Cobras in India.

James has authored numerous scientific papers and contributed to a range of books. He has presented at a number of veterinary conferences and has also made a range of appearances on TV and radio. James has a large collection of reptiles and birds that is forever growing. His interests outside of the aforementioned include surfing, kite-surfing, basketball and snow-boarding.

His personal Facebook page is: www.facebook.com/drjameshaberfield

Dr. Vicky Brownlie

Vicky graduated from the Royal Veterinary College at the University of London in 2002. She has worked with numerous unusual pets including many that we don’t see here in Australia such as chameleons and hamsters! She is interested in all types of exotic animals but has a special interest in rabbits.

Dr. Coetzee de Beer

Coetzee grew up in South Africa where he worked at his dad’s bird-only veterinary practice from a very young age. Since then he has always had a strong interest in unusual and exotic pets, with birds being his passion. He has spent time working with a range of Australia’s leading exotic-animal vets on the eastern coast of Australia and undertook his veterinary degree at the University of Queensland.

Coetzee was involved in the first diagnosis of pigeon paramyxovirus in Western Australia in 2015 and we love having him as part of our team.

Dr. Nicole Su

Dr Nicole is our Murdoch veterinary manager. She has grown up keeping a wide range of unusual pets and this passion has never faded. She was the original founder of the Murdoch Association for Companion Exotics (MACE) at Murdoch University. She has been involved with numerous rabbit rescue organisations and has spent time with exotic animal vets all over the world. Nicole is a fan of all exotic animals but has a particular interest in rabbits and reptiles!

Dr. Sam Loughridge

Sam is a Murdoch University graduate that excelled in exotic animal medicine and surgery. He has extensive experience working with a range of birds, reptiles and small mammals. He has a very cute feathered child named Leo (a lovebird).

Dr. Kelly Giles

Dr Kelly graduated from Murdoch University and has a special interest in birds (and has owned many different kinds!) but loves all of our other exotic animals too! She has spent time working with a number of the leading exotic-animal vets from around Australia and we are very happy to have her as part of our team!

Dr Katrina Wood

Dr Katrina (Kat) graduated from Murdoch University. After spending several years in small animal practice, she is currently undertaking a residency in Zoo and Wildlife Medicine at Perth Zoo and Murdoch University. She has always been passionate about exotic animals and is particularly interested in guinea pigs and reptiles. As part of her residency she is undertaking a research project on snake virology. When she isn’t working, Kat enjoys spending time with her very spoilt guinea pig Bel, and being an amateur ballet dancer. Katrina enjoys meeting exotic pet owners and helping them to keep their pets happy and healthy.

Dr. Kristina Gough

Dr. Kris has always known she wanted to work with exotic animals, even during her first Biology degree in Toronto, Canada.  She moved to Australia to attend vet school and graduated from Murdoch University.  She has worked the last few years in small animal practice as well as working for another avian and exotics vet. Her first love has always been small mammals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and mice but she has come to be fascinated by our birds & reptiles as well!  She is very excited to be joining the team at Unusual Pet Vets.  Look for her in her Canadian pattern scrubs, eh? 😉

Vet Nurse Jess

Jess is the veterinary nurse manager at our Balcatta clinic. She has been working as a vet nurse with exotic animals for many years and is very passionate about and dedicated to caring for these creatures. Jess has kept many exotic pets in the past including rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, king quails, cockatiels/weiros, budgies and goldfish.

Jess loves spending time at home with her pet rabbit Beastie, her dogs Lily and Bear, her cat Pebby and her ferret Verity. She is an expert at rabbit and guinea pig grooming and is a very valuable part of our team!

Vet Nurse Amanda

Amanda is the veterinary nurse manager at our Murdoch clinic. She has always wanted to work in exotic-animal practice and was stoked when the opportunity came up to become part of our team. We are equally happy to have her as she is fantastic! Amanda has a number of pets including a pet duck named Pandi Duck, a lorikeet called Sammy and a rabbit called Sir Sampson Bunny.

Vet Nurse Melissa

Melissa (aka Lissy) is a registered veterinary nurse who is currently studying for an additional qualification in nursing exotic species. Lissy loves all exotic animals, but has a particular soft spot for ferrets, and has her own handreared ferret named Khoshekh. As well as Khoshekh, Lissy is also Mum to a sphynx cat named Kewpie, two miniature dachshunds named Ava and Zelda, and a family of giant burrowing cockroaches!

Vet Nurse Ashleigh

Ash has always had a strong interest in all things weird and wonderful, and has worked at many exotic only vet clinics, zoos and wildlife facilities. She has a particular interest in birds and is owned by a 17 year old cockatiel named Buckbeak.

Ash completed her Vet Tech/Nursing studies over at the University of Queensland and is happy to be back working on the West side of Australia! She enjoys undertaking in yoga with some of our patients as you can see in the photo with a bobtail.

Vet Nurse Claire

Claire has many years of experience working with a large range of animals. She has kept lots of pets with one of her current favourites being her weiro named Gary!

Vet nurse Liina

Liina has a genuine passion for all sorts of unusual pets and is so glad to be able to work with them. Before becoming a vet nurse, she completed animal studies at Taronga Zoo, a number of short reptile courses and was involved with bird banding in NSW.

Liina has a special soft spot for guinea pigs, sharing her home life with two of them; Mowgli and Muumi and a Doberman named Jimmy.

Vet Nurse Jami

Jami has been a Registered Veterinary Nurse since 2014. She has worked with small animals in veterinary hospitals and has always had a love for exotics, particularly guinea pigs!  Jami has quite a few fur babies at home; 4 guinea pigs, 2 rabbits, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Jami is excited to be apart of the Unusual Pet Vets and to work with the wonderful pets that we see.

Vet nurse Alysia

Alysia has always had a passion for exotic animals, especially all things creepy crawly and scaly. She is currently owned by several pythons, lizards and frogs as well as a grumpy old dog and an ever demanding cat.