This is COCO a female pink and grey galah who we saw with a broken leg and wing. She had surgery with us and we are happy to say she is now doing great!
Encephilitozoon cuniculi or E. cuniculi is a relatively common disease in rabbits and is a microsporidial organism. E. cuniculi is spread through urine and faeces but can also be spread from mum to kit in utero.
We would like to introduce our new all inclusive packages for rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and ferrets. These packages are great for any new furry addition to the family or any existing animals you might have.
The rabbit Calici Virus also know as Haemorrhagic Viral Disease first occurred in Australia in 1995. It is spread in contaminated bodily secretions of infected rabbits and also by carrier birds and flying insects.
We would like to introduce a new range of guinea pig and rabbit pellets and hay that we will be stocking at our clinics in the coming few weeks.