Your pets’ toenails grow continuously. In the wild the nails come in to contact with a lot of rough surfaces during the course of their daily life, which keeps the nails worn down to an appropriate length.

Life in a comfortable human home is usually much easier on the toenails, so most pet’s need to have their nails clipped periodically. It’s time for a trim if your bird or mammal’s toenails are getting caught in carpet or cloth, or, in birds, are interfering with their ability to grip a perch or are so sharp that it’s painful when the bird stands on your skin.

It’s relatively simple to clip your pet’s toenails yourself, but it’s a little more complicated than cutting your own nails. Unlike human nails, a pet’s toenail has a blood vessel and nerve in it; this area is called the quick. When you clip the nail you have to avoid cutting into the quick because this would cause bleeding and pain. If your pet is particularly wriggly then it is worth considering asking us at your next consultation for us to do the job for you. We are always happy to help!