As we all know, rabbits and guinea pigs should always have hay available to them around the clock. We recommend that 70% of their diet should consist of hay to keep their teeth and guts healthy. But, did you know that there are many different types of hay?

The most common type of hay to feed rabbits and guinea pigs here in Perth is oaten hay. Oaten hay is high fibre and low protein which makes it excellent to feed your pets, as well as making an excellent bedding material.

However we do know that there are many fussy rabbits and guinea pigs out there. Lucky for their owners we also stock some other varieties of hay for them to try. These include Timothy Hay which is available in 3 flavours, Botanical Hay and also Orchard Grass. These hays are produced by Oxbow and are often more appetising which makes them an excellent alternative for fussy eaters!

Lucerne hay is another option. It is a high fibre hay with more protein, energy and calcium than oaten hay. Because of this increased calcium content, lucerne hay is currently not recommended as the predominant hay in your pet’s diet, and should not be given to rabbits or guinea pigs with a history of urinary disease.

It is, however, a great hay to feed young or lactating rabbits, as they have a higher need for calcium, and can be given as an occasional treat hay to adult rabbits.

Always remember to check your hay before you feed it to your pets – black spots on hay stalks or a moist smell can indicate the growth of mould. Also look out grass seeds, which can get stuck in long coats or stuck in their eyes and noses.

And always remember – the greener it is the more your pet will love it!