Guinea Pig Care Sheet

This care sheet will highlight these important points and share some handy tips about how to keep your guinea pig healthy


Hand Raising Baby Guinea Pigs

Hand raising baby guinea pigs can be quite tricky and demanding. It should never be taken on lightly and there are some points that should be considered before deciding to hand raise.


We need desexing too

We’ve summarised a little about some of the terms commonly used and about the benefits below to help you make an informed decision


Pedicures for Exotic Pets Nail Trimming

Just like dogs and cats, unusual pets also need to have their nails maintained.


Recommended Vet Care for Exotics

Traditional pet owners (ie those that have dogs and cats) generally have a fairly good idea about what routine veterinary care their pet needs as both dogs and cats have been kept for many generations.


Sterilisation Desexing in Exotic Pets

Sterilisation is the term commonly used for when pets have surgery to remove part of their reproductive tract making them unable to breed.