Are you more expensive than my local vet?

We pride ourselves on offering the best care possible for your unusual or exotic pet, we do not see any dogs or cats and are the only multi-vet clinic in Western Australia to offer this service.  We have two clinics located both north and south of the river for your convenience (see our Contact Us page for more information). We have invested in a range of expensive specialised equipment and facilities as well as employed the best exotic-animal only vets and nurses that we can. Our vets have all undergone extensive additional training in exotic animal medicine and surgery. The combination of the aforementioned allows us to offer a specialised service that caters directly for your pet’s needs.

In general our charges are similar to what you expect to pay for quality care for your dog or cat, and in many cases are actually much cheaper. You will find some cheaper veterinary clinics around for some procedures however we do not pride ourselves on providing cheap care – we pride ourselves on providing the best care.