We have all heard of the new dog and cat laws in regards to microchipping. Although there isn’t a law for exotic pets we think microchipping them is a fantastic idea!

Unlike dogs and cats it can be extremely difficult to reunite lost rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, rats and birds with their families. They are very mobile, especially when stressed or scared, and can travel great lengths when they escape. Another complication for bird owners is that many of the species we keep as pets are also found in the wild, so found or captured ‘wild’ birds may in fact be owned. This is why microchipping is so important. Scanning an animal that has been brought in to a vet clinic, animal shelter or wildlife facility for a microchip is becoming so routine that any microchipped animal should be able to be reunited with their family.

Here at The Unusual Pet Vets we stock ‘midi chips’ which are the perfect size for our smaller patients. Contact us today to book in your exotic pet for a microchip!