How to Ensure That Your Carpet Remains Rabbit-Proof and Rabbit Friendly

This article has been kindly put together by Chemdry Express.

Rabbits are a welcome addition to any home because they make great pets. You should make sure that your house is completely suitable for pets before they are allowed to roam free in the home. One of the first things to do is to make sure that the carpets in every room of the house are suitable.

How can you ensure that your carpet remains rabbit-proof and rabbit-friendly at the same time? The process is much simpler than you might think.

1) Occasional dry cleaning without chemicals

2) Sweep rabbit food from the floor when it drops from the bowl

3) Make sure that waste is not left on the carpets for people to tread in

4) Make sure that rabbits have limited contact with the carpets in the house (where possible)

5) Make sure that the carpets are securely fastened to the floor

Have the Carpet Cleaned Occasionally

Even if rabbits chew on the carpet (which is important to avoid occurring where possible), you should have some dry carpet cleaning performed by professional carpet cleaners with a proven record. This can get rid of waste stains that the rabbit has made on the carpet. You will not have to worry about people making comments about marks on the carpet because the marks generally completely disappear once the cleaning process has been completed. The dry-cleaning process does not use any harmful chemicals, so this means that the health of your rabbit is protected.

Sweep Rabbit Food Off the Carpets

Some people feed their rabbits with bowls of food placed in the living room. Some of this food can accidentally fall onto the carpet and you might not notice it at all.

You can have the carpet serviced by dry carpet cleaners so that all of the food will be removed even if it has been trodden into the fibres by unsuspecting people.

Make Sure That Waste Is Not Left on The Carpet

Some rabbits take a while to be toilet trained, so they go to the toilet wherever they please. Rabbit urine and faeces should not be left on the carpet for a long time because this can cause the carpet to become marked.

When you want to deal with urine and faeces stains caused by the rabbit, make sure that you call a professional company to complete the cleaning job.

Keep Rabbits in Rooms Without Carpets

You might have many rooms in your house which are not carpeted. Once the carpets have been cleaned by the professionals, you should think about housing rabbits in carpet-less areas of your home. This ensures that the carpets are going to remain in perfect condition.

Check That the Carpet Does Not Have Any Sharp Edges

The carpet can sometimes come loose and start to stick up at the corners. Rabbits can accidentally cut themselves on these corners, so it is important that the carpet is fully-fastened down before you let a rabbit wander.

When the carpet has been fully fastened to the floor, it is going to be much easier to clean. Inspect all of the carpets to make sure that they do not have any sharp edges.


Your carpet needs to be properly cared for when you have a rabbit in the house. When the rabbit is not toilet-trained, they can leave stains which will need to be dry cleaned as soon as possible. Also, urine and faecal stains can be lifted out of the carpet using this method.

At some point, you may want to consider a professional cleaning company that will make sure that they explain every step of the process to you so that you are comfortable with what is going to happen to your carpet. A clean carpet is going to benefit the health of your rabbit. The dry carpet cleaning method, that is used by Chemdry Express, is one of the safest and ecologically-friendly ways of making sure that the carpets are spotless, even when a rabbit has chewed or soiled them.