Bladder problems involving stones, sludge and grit develop when there is a collection of excess calcium which build up in the urinary tract. It is actually quite common in rabbits and guinea pigs as they excrete all their excess calcium that is not required by the body through their urine. Sludge (calcium crystals) has a tooth paste consistency and is often difficult to remove completely with normal urination. Often we see the sludge settling at the bottom of the bladder with normal urine on top. It is often only in the last part of urination that we see this gritty grey paste. Bladder sludge can potentially lead to stone formation. Stones and sludge are a painful condition and need to be treated by a vet.

Along with other contributing factors one of the main reasons for bladder sludge is a diet high in calcium. Below is a small list of fruits and vegetables that are higher and lower in calcium. Feeding a variety of fresh foods daily from the list is advisable, but try to avoid feeding foods from only one end of the scale. If you would like the complete list of foods then please send us an email on vets@ and we can forward the list on to you.

5 Highest Vegetables5 Highest Fruits
210 mg — Spinach, Mustard49 mg — Raisins
190 mg — Turnip Greens40 mg — Orange
187 mg — Dandelion Greens33 mg — Lime
138 mg — Parsley32 mg — Blackberries
135 mg — Kale26 mg — Kiwi
5 Lowest Vegetables5 Lowest Fruits
2 mg— Corn4 mg—Plum
5 mg— Tomato5 mg—Peach
9 mg – Green Capsicum5 mg—Nectarine
9 mg— Red Capsicum5 mg—Casaba Melon
14 mg— Cucumber6 mg—Blueberries