Hay Roller 2

Little PAWS Hay Roller

Hay roller: A great way to provide food-related enrichment for your rabbit or guin...
Guinea Castle 1

Little PAWS Castles & Cushion

Castles: Spoil your rabbit or guinea pig with their very own two storey bed! T...
Cushions 1

Little PAWS Cuddle Cushions

A bunny or guinea pig sized bed! Have it in their living area or in the family/lou...
Chews 1

Little PAWS Chews

Does your rabbit and guinea pig like to chew and nibble on cage sides and electric...
Bunny Bopper

Little PAWS Bunny Bopper

Bunny Bopper: This fun toy will keep your rabbit occupied for hours! Fill the b...
Tote Bag 1

Little PAWS Bunny Tote Bag

These multi-purpose tote bags come in three different colour options: - Pink wi...
Rattles 1

Little PAWS Rattles

Does your rabbit love to toss his or her food bowl around? If so, this rattle made...