Nutrition packed bird food, guinea pig pellets and much more

Good health and fulfilling life are no accident – they are by design. We (humans) aren’t the only ones with an inherent need for a balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water in order to live our best lives – animals need it too. Each nutrient found within the pet food brands below performs a specific function for safeguarding the growth and continued health of your pets. Nutrition is key to securing a happy life for your pets. It is vital to learn what your pet needs to stay healthy and active from day to day. This can sometimes be easier said than done because even for animals, making sure they eat what they should and not what they want, can be challenging.

The Unusual Pet Vets has amassed a wealth of knowledge concerning dietary requirements and nutrition for all types of exotic pets. However, we did not just accumulate this knowledge to help advise you on the best food choices for your pet – we accumulated this knowledge to enable us to select which pet food brands would be best for your exotic pet. Our veterinary service is dedicated to giving your exotic pets comprehensive care – this includes ensuring their appetite is satisfied with the right nutritional food.

We provide and cater for all our exotic pet friends by offering the best in exotic pet food brands. This includes:

  • Oxbow – The line of Oxbow guinea pig and rabbit food provides your pets the essential nutrition they need to stay healthy and active daily. Vitamin C is crucial for guinea pigs. Oxbow’s vitamin C is found in oxbow pellets along with the necessary minerals for a healthy diet.
  • Vetafarm – Vetafarm has proven to be one of Australia’s leading innovators in companion animal health and welfare. All vetafarm products are focused on producing the best for your pet, be it a rabbit, guinea pig, bird, reptile or other small mammal.
  • Wombaroo – Wombaroo makes food products for wildlife carers, aviculturists and animal breeders that fulfil their nutritional needs. Wombaroo milk replacers’ nutritional value has been a global success in satisfying dietary requirements.
  • Little PAWS Rescue – Fundamental to any relationship is appreciating how much those involved care. Few organisations provide a service so deeply rooted in this aspect as Little PAWS Rescue in Perth.

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