The Avicultural Society of Western Australia is holding their annual bird show for 2015 this weekend! Its running over 3 big days from this Saturday 30th May to Monday 1st June.
It is important to keep your furry friends cool in summer. The simple act of putting them in an air-conditioned room or shaded area can make all the difference.
Rabbits are social creatures and do often benefit from companionship, it is important for their happiness and emotional well-being
Most of us approach the idea of insurance with caution. Often we view it as an unnecessary expense, a luxury, or perhaps just another money-making scam. In reality, your pet insurance plan could save you money in the long run.
Traditional veterinary medicine taught at university focuses on five species – dogs, cats, sheep, cattle and horses. Exotic animal veterinarians must know the biology, nutrition and behaviour of hundreds of species.